Sibley Grove

Working with us

We create interiors for hotels, bars and restaurants with an environmental and ethical approach.


Design is a vehicle for positive change, both environmentally and socially. We have spent many years developing strong and open relationships with our suppliers, making factory visits and asking the difficult questions needed to ensure suppliers meet our needs and share our aspirations for a cleaner, fairer world.

When we established Sibley Grove, we set out with very clear intentions. Most businesses and customers value a product or a service based on three key elements – how it looks, quality, and value for money. These principles are what drive most design projects, but our belief is that two fundamental elements are often missing from the decision making process, namely the environmental and social impact of the decisions we make.

Our belief was that anything we designed or produced should be assessed on five elements in order for it to be deemed a success or a failure. For example, a chair that looks great, that is affordable and well made but achieves this through being manufactured in a factory with poor employment rights and a lack of safety equipment is a failed product. Likewise a product made in a great factory with sustainable materials, but is poorly made and over priced is an equally failed product. This is a principle that we still follow today.

A successful interior design project combines an understanding and respect for the history of a site and its location, with a carefully thought out plan for its future.