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The Fox & Goose Hotel

Sustainable and ethical interior design transforms Fuller’s Fox & Goose hotel in London


The Fox & Goose Hotel 

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Interior architects Sibley Grove have completed work on a collection of hotel rooms for the brewery, Fuller, Smith & Turner at The Fox & Goose business hotel in Ealing, London. Each room has been consciously designed to allow for the highest degree of sustainable and ethical sourcing.

  • All products and materials used in the project have been assessed on five fundamental principles: aesthetic quality, build quality, value, environmental impact and social impact.

  • The bespoke joinery has been designed for disassembly making it easier to reuse the materials in the future.

  • The upholstery and dressing items have been created using fabric with recycled content from mills in the U.K. or mainland Europe.

  • Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products have been used throughout, including suspended ceilings from Armstrong, Tiles from Mosa and carpets from Ege Carpets.

Sibley Grove strongly believes that design should be a vehicle for positive change – both environmentally and socially.

"A chair that looks great, is affordable and well made, but achieves this through being manufactured in a factory with poor employment rights and a lack of safety equipment is a failed product. Likewise, a product from a great factory using sustainable materials that is poorly made and overpriced is an equally failed product."

"We’re making a continuous effort to tackle some of the issues that are rife in the design industry,” says Sibley Grove director, Jeremy Grove.

“In today's world, regardless of budget, it’s unacceptable to knowingly create stuff that is harmful to the environment or reliant on an exploited labour market. Cradle to Cradle is a great system for designers to measure and manage the impact of the products they specify as it takes into consideration material health, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness," continues Grove.

Key materials:

  • Mosa (C2C) tiles, Ege (C2C) carpets, Oak, Birch Ply, Steel.

Major suppliers:

  • Castlebrook (furniture), Mosa, Ege, Hansgrohe, Armstrong, Chelsom Lighting

Standout design elements:

  • The project uses materials, fixtures and fittings that are considerate of the environmental and social impact, with no additional cost to the client.

  • The rooms are light, bright and open space with contemporary detailing.

  • The space is functional and practical, perfect for business customers.

  • All materials and finishes that are durable and long lasting.

  • The room are available in three distinctive, contemporary colour schemes.

Client: Fuller, Smith & Turner.

Total project size (sqm): 2340

Start date: June 2018

Completion date: Jan 2019

About Sibley Grove

Sibley Grove is an interior design studio founded by Kate Sibley and Jeremy Grove, based in Totnes, Devon.

We have an open and collaborative approach to design, bringing together local suppliers with global companies and clients who share our commitment and ambition to design things better.

We believe good design should enhance people’s lives and work in harmony with the natural environment.

Our clients are forward-thinking, and understand that by investing in high-quality materials from reliable sources, by respecting the identity and history of existing buildings and locations, we can create spaces that remain relevant for years to come.

Designing with this approach means that if and when the time comes for a change, the materials can be re-used, re-appropriated or upcycled.

We think successful interior design combines an understanding and respect for the history of a site and its location, with a carefully thought out plan for its future.

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